maurizioMy name is Maurizio Fino. I joined the club because my car was tagged. I love my 09 R56 MINI. As many of you may know, sometimes these cars require a lot of TLC. Before joining I was very close to wanting to sell my car. I tried the club free without benefits for the first year. As I became friends and got to know more members and learned more of what the club has to offer, I joined. It’s hands down the best membership I have ever bought into. It has saved me more money than Geico!!! I liked it so much and wanted to put more energy into a good cause for good people, earlier this year I volunteered to become the Vice President for the Charleston MINI Club. I am an active person and have a lot of energy and passion. I love to race and would like have more fun with this club and its members. I no longer plan on selling my car.